Intelligent Weighing Technology, Inc.
We are a major dealer of Intelligent Weighing Technology Products throughout the Sacramento, CA area. Intelligent Weighing Technology offers a wide range of industrial scales and laboratory balances that are both competitively priced, and impressively designed.

Here is a page of our most popular industrial models. Click the name of a scale or balance (beneath the picture) for instant download of .pdf data sheet. Call us with any questions you may have.

Balance Scales


             AM                                          GS                                                       XM

Bench Scales

              AFW                                    AM                                                         APM                  


              FS                                           IC - Bench                                   PS2                                    


PSC - 2                                             PSC - 3      

          UFM - B                                UFM - F                                   UFM - L

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Counting Scales

                          OAC                                               SAC          

           PSC - 2                             PSC - 3

Floor/Platform Scales

          AFW                                       APM                                     UFM - B                                     UFM - F

          UFM - L

Portion Control Scales


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